Your Experience

If you’re used to working with photographers who simply book your session, email you the day before, show up to take your pictures, and email you a link to your gallery, you’re in for a treat!

When you book your session with me, you aren’t just investing in quality images, you’re treating yourself and your loved ones to an amazing, unique experience.

I believe every session should be fun, engaging, and stress free, so from the time you first contact me, to long after you’ve gotten your products, I make it my mission to ensure you feel like a total rockstar.

Once your session is scheduled, we will setup a time to have a consultation, so that I can get to know you, and you can tell me just what you’re looking for. We’ll talk about the people that will be participating in the session, the style you’re looking for, any questions or concerns, and locations.

I have worked hard to put together informative materials that will help you prepare for your session, and am always happy to chat with you about any questions you have along the way. Not sure what colors to wear? I can help style your session! Want to create a beautiful display of canvases to display your images above your couch? I will help you pick the perfect size combinations, and the perfect images to use to tell your story!

My hands on approach allows me to connect with everyone in front of my camera during our session in a way that elicits a comfortable experience, resulting in gorgeous, genuine images that capture the true essence of each person.

When I think about the images of my children, or my parents, that mean the most to me, it’s not always the perfectly posed images that come to mind. It’s the picture of my son who wants to “learn the family business” and who I see so much of myself. Or the picture of my dad working on trains with my boys at Christmas.  Or my daughter in the protective hands of my blessed father-in-law.

Learning the family business, Hope Barker Photography, apprentice, IMA, oldest son, canongenerations, grandfather and grandsons, christmas, christmas trains, boys and their toys, Hope Barker Photographygrandpa and granddaughter, christmas love, hope barker photography

Don’t worry, we’ll get some wonderful posed shots too! 

The images we capture together will flow together in a way that tells your story, and provides you tangible reminders of the moments you cherish the most.

After your session ends, you can expect to see a sneak peak on Facebook within a few days. Within two weeks, we will get together so that you can view your images, and we can work together to create your perfect print package. This is the fun part, what we’ve been working towards and have been excited about. Seeing your beautiful portraits! I supply you with an organizational sheet to help you map out where you will want framed art, canvases, image cubes, albums on display or in your purse, and even who else might want prints.  I get to hand you your proofs, we lay them all out, along with some yummy treats, and start finding them homes to stay with you and other loved ones for many, many years to come. Within one week (two at the most in case of unforeseeable circumstances like bad weather delaying delivery, etc), you will have your beautiful artwork hanging on your wall, to remind you of your special day, and for all to admire!

Learn more about why printing your images, at a professional lab, makes all the difference, here.

In order for me to help make your session the best possible experience, some general tips are listed below:

  • It may sound like a no brainer, but I have not met a person yet who was calm about being late.  Please give yourself plenty of time to both get to, and enjoy the time during your extensive photography session.  And if you do happen to run late because Mapquest’s directions were incorrect (wink, wink) BREATHE! Life just happens sometimes.  :)
  • When it comes to children, please remember that we work on their time, (to a reasonable extent).  Here are some tips for helping children enjoy our time together:
    • Make sure they are well rested and have full tummies.  Even I get cranky when these needs are not met!
    • Don’t overload their schedule the day of the session.  If they are coming straight from school or any other “structured event,” they will need to burn off some energy.  Please allow me this play time with them as it will allow them to get to know me better which will help them to feel more comfortable with me and the situation.  This is also an excellent time for me to capture their natural smiles!
    • Breathe deeply.  If your kids are having an “off” day, it’s ok!  I have children as well and know that they, just like us, do not always have great days.  Please try to relax – if you become anxious then they will, too.  Your job is to maintain a calming environment for them and to have your smile ready for when I get a smile from them.yelling, with daddy, Hope Barker Photography, toddlerhood
      • (My own son, yelling at my husband as he mows the lawn.)
    • For babies, all of the same rules generally apply.  A few additional things to keep in mind are that newborns are best photographed within 10 days of being born.  In fact, my best sessions were when they were only ONE day old!  It is also best to try to keep them awake before the session and to feed them immediately before we start.  A sleeping baby is a happy baby!  Any awake pictures are best saved for last.  That also leads me to mention that it is helpful to put babies in outfits that are easily removable (don’t have to be pulled over head, etc).

Please keep in mind that during your consultation is the best time to talk to me about incorporating meaningful items, locations and ideas.  It is also an excellent time to talk to me about things like allergies, children’s favorites/fears, things you do or do NOT want to try or allow (snacks/gifts for bribing, etc…).