Josie Girl

Josie Girl is One Year Old!

Joselyn brings joy with her everywhere she goes. Even clapping with joy!

Josie Girl, one year old, birthday, Joselyn, clapping, joy, Hope Barker Photography, 2018

A loving heart like her mommy. You can see her kindness in the depths of her beautiful blue eyes.

birthday, Big Hearted, Joselyn, Hope Barker Photography, Josie Girl, one year old, Like Mommy, first birthday

An adventurous soul like her daddy. Tippy-Toeing her way into walking!

birthday, one year old, Joselyn, first birthday, adventurer, Josie Girl, Hope Barker Photography, tip toes, ready to go

Most importantly, a personality that is all her own!  Seeing her grow, from such a place of love, I just know that the future has wonderful things for her, in the years to come.

Hope Barker Photography, One of a kind, Joselyn, smash cake, Josie Girl, first birthday, one year old, birthday

I mean, how often are we told we can dive into the cake? She took a moment to warm up to it, she realized we really meant it, and then she enjoyed every bite. It was pleasing to see Joselyn enjoying her Smash Cake made by Sweet Temptations.

Her own personality, one year old, Josie Girl, Joselyn, Hope Barker Photography, birthday, first birthday


Brashier Wedding

Congratulations Jim and Jamie Brashier, you had a splendid wedding and have a bright future!

I am so honored to have been able to get to know such sweet people.  I wish many good and blessed years to come for you two.


Terre Haute Indiana Hope Barker Photography National Armory 2015 Morlan Brashier Wedding

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Tabitha Breastfeeding Twins

Breastfeeding is such a blessing and this lucky lady has had that gift THREE times over. Could you imagine breastfeeding twins with a toddler?  Talk about your two-for-one deal!  Thank you for giving me the privilege of photographing your lovely family and showing some of that love in action, Tabitha.  These “real life moments” make me want twins now; do you hear that honey?!?!?  😉