Young Man Damien

What a handsome young man Damien has become!

When it came time to do Damien’s pictures this year, I had to face the fact that he has become a young man!  I’ve known this little guy since he was a twinkle in his mommy’s eye.  I am so proud of the sweet and vicious little guy he has become.Mommy's little devil, Hope Barker Photography, Terre Haute, Fowler Park, Indiana, 2017, Damien,


The mark of a well-loved child is an overflow of happiness, and I’m so pleased to see the love between Damien and his mommy.

mommy kisses, Hope Barker Photography, 2017, Damien, Indiana, Terre Haute, Fowler Park

Life is full of choices, with many things to think about.  A little introspection is never a bad thing.

moment of introspection, Damien, Fowler Park, Terre Haute, Indiana, Hope Barker Photography, 2017, mommy and me

Likewise, it’s always good to take a moment to enjoy the flowers.

Blowing flowers, dandelions, Fowler Park, Terre Haute, Indiana, 2017, Hope Barker Photography, stop and smell the flowers

He’s ready to face the world full-throttle, watch out now!

full throttle, damien, terre haute, Hope Barker Photography, 2017, Indiana, Fowler Park, vivacious


Uchytil Surrogacy

There are no words for how honored I feel to have the Uchytil family to have asked me to capture their Surrogacy Maternity with Alfred & Ricky!  Congratulations to you all, and thank you for being a witness to family being all about love.

Nagy Family

Sweet captures for a sweet family!  It’s always special when you not only get to catch sweet memories, but when the children even give you hugs during the session, you can’t beat that!  I’m feeling so blessed to have been able to memorialize this time for the Nagy Family and look forward to watching them grow and flourish.

Nagy Family 2015 Hope Barker Photography Fowler Park




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Uchytil Fall Family

What a handsome family!  So glad that we were able to take advantage of the gorgeous weather that nature provided us so they could have their own personalized Fall Family session!  Hope to see these beautiful people again soon.

Beautiful Mommies

We took a very natural and somewhat artistic approach with this one.  This is definitely not my typical portrait session but I hope that you enjoy it all the same.  I hope that it fills your day with light as these beautiful ladies brightened my day!  I even snuck in a behind-the-scenes image where my “helper” was trying to get the girls to laugh and smile because I couldn’t resist the great smile on Mom’s face!  Just priceless!



Tabitha Breastfeeding Twins

Breastfeeding is such a blessing and this lucky lady has had that gift THREE times over. Could you imagine breastfeeding twins with a toddler?  Talk about your two-for-one deal!  Thank you for giving me the privilege of photographing your lovely family and showing some of that love in action, Tabitha.  These “real life moments” make me want twins now; do you hear that honey?!?!?  😉