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Having a baby is “supposed” to be one of these great, light-filled experiences.  But that’s not always the case for many mothers.  Because some moms experience maternal and/or post-natal mental illness. Just like with other illnesses, these are NOT things that can be controlled, “fixed” with a “better mindset” or a healthier diet and/or exercise.  They are real, and if you know the signs, they CAN be visible.

And that is what I, and some fellow local photographers and mothers are trying to do: Bring awareness!  These are legitimate struggles, that are out of our control, that we need help supporting each other through.  They are NOT failures on behalf of the mothers.  They are OUR failure; failure for forgetting that we are a community and that we thrive or die by taking care of each other.

Some moms hide the darkness, not knowing that they are not alone.

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I am honored to help some of them take a step in speaking out, so as to help each other leave the darkness behind.

River K describes it partially as “It was a war in my head of being in love and delighted with my new baby and feeling like I just wanted to lay in bed all day and cry.” (Be sure to keep following for her personalized blog with her full testimony and photo session.)

Some are made to feel this way through trauma of an awful experience, where as some have chemical and hormonal imbalances. While I am well experienced with the latter, in regards to my long-term depression and anxiety, it is not something that I would wish upon anyone for any length of time.

Ladies, we have a voice for a reason!  We only fail when we give up, and look at all that we have accomplished throughout the centuries! Because we are warriors!

Please join us in educating our community, in uplifting it with encouragement.  I have listed some links below, there are many ways to help.  Even the bare minimum, sharing about these events, is more than what is happening now.

Now, I can’t take credit for the saying, but “Spread love around like confetti!” and go hug those babies that fuel our Mama Bear energies!


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Please share, join, and encourage!  If you would like to join the photography project on the 29th, feel free to email me for my last spot.

Walk Out of the Darkness event link

Postpartum Terre Haute Support page link (invite anyone to like this page)

Postpartum Terre Haute Support group link (invite only mother’s or mother’s to be who may like to be involved in peer to peer support)


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