Hello Jocelyn!

Welcome to the world precious little Jocelyn!  Everyone has been so happy to tell you “Hello”.

bright future, Baby girl, welcome jocelyn, indiana, 2017, Hope Barker Photography

We’re all so happy to have you join this world, and you couldn’t be blessed with two kinder, stronger, more sincere parents. May you grow in His image, guided by these two faithful parents who have prayed for you and who cherish every moment with you.

parenting together, 2017, loving foundation, working together, Hope Barker Photography, indiana, good start

Your daddy who will no doubt teach you the rewards of hard-work and the enjoyment found in the outdoors.


2017, indiana, Hope Barker Photography, proud daddy, daddy snuggles, moments with daddy

And I have no doubt that your lovely mother will show you how true beauty comes from within, how to have patience and a strong conviction.

moments with mommy, happy mommy, mommy snuggles, kind mommy, Hope Barker Photography, 2017, indiana

The future has endless possibilities and you couldn’t have a sunnier future!

You are my sunshine, indiana, don't let the rain dim your light, 2017,  Hope Barker Photography, Cassie's Crochet Creations, my only sunshine, you make me happyI mean, just look at your darling feet, they’re going to take you places!

Hope Barker Photography, indiana, Daddy's hands, 2017, baby feet, hard working, black and white

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