Dressing for Your Session

The most common question I’m asked is “what on earth do we wear”!

I want to make preparing for your session as easy as possible, so know that I’m here for you, every step of the way! If you’re at Kohl’s having a meltdown over finding matching outfits for your family, send me a few pictures! I’m happy to help you in any way I can.

Here are some general tips for making choosing your outfits feel more fun than stressful:

  • Dress for success. A corny line that we usually hear when being given job-interview advice but it also applies here.  When everyone has on a rainbow of colors and patterns, no matter how nice each outfit is, it will look like a circus.  Whether you’re going for formal or casual, please make sure that everyone coordinates.  Pick a color theme and keep the patterns to a minimum, or all patterns identical!  Check out my What to Wear Pinterest board for more ideas and examples.  Google is often a good resource as well.  Remember, we want to see Y O U, not your clothes!
  • Avoid really bright shirts. Bright neon colors can color cast on necks and faces.
  • Nails: go bare or freshly painted. Your hands may be visible in some photos (especially for maternity and newborn sessions), so having bare nails, or nails that have a fresh coat of polish is best.
  • Think coordinated, not matchy-matchy. When choosing the color scheme, go for colors that compliment each other, and bring those elements into each outfit. Here are some great examples of coordinating colors from Be Sweet Products!
Photo Credit: Be Sweet Products
Photo Credit: Be Sweet Products
  • Keep your session location in mind. If we’re shooting in a trendy abandoned warehouse, and the backdrop will be mostly concrete walls, going all grey isn’t a good choice. Similarly, laying it on thick with the green hues wouldn’t be best for a forest session. Consider the location, and aim for colors that will compliment that, not blend in!
  • Remember the end goal: prints! Your images will be displayed in your home, so think about what rooms you’d like to show off your print products in. Keeping your decor in mind can help ensure a cohesive look in your home!
  • Accessories are your friend. Texture translates well in photos, so chunky necklaces, scarves, bow ties, layered looks, and other accessories can add great dimension to your look! If you’re unsure, go overboard! We can always take some accessories away if there’s too much going on.
  • Wear what feels good. These photos are meant to capture you in your truest form, so if you never wear dresses, or hate heels, don’t put them on just because you think you should get fancy for your photos! If you’re uncomfortable, the camera will pick up on it! Wear what you feel good in, and be sure it fits well!
  • Don’t choose the day of your session to break in a new pair of shoes. If we’re shooting outdoors, there’s a good chance we will do a little walking, so be sure you’re wearing shoes you’re comfortable in. Your shoes will likely be visible in some shots, so be sure they’re photo ready, too!

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Shopping for new outfits for your session can be fun! Here are some of my favorite local spots to hunt for the perfect ensemble: