Birth Rally 2018

Another Birth Rally On The Books!

Jessie Uchytil, of Crowning Achievements Birth Services, has led us mothers in another Birth Rally.  While 2018 does bring better awareness about the rights that mothers deserve while in the process of labor, mortality rates continue to rise in the United States.  More so than other countries even.  Jessie is still passionately fighting for our rights to be respected as patients, and humans.

Speaking at podium, Jessie Uchytil, Hope Barker Photography, Birth Rally, 2018, Terre Haute, Indiana

We were honored by the presence of many supporters.  From midwives Barbara Purnell and Samantha Brinkerhoff, of Wabash Valley Midwives;


Barbara Purnell, samantha brinkerhoff, 2018, hope barker photography, indiana, Terre Haute, Birth rally, improve birth, march for moms

Lactation expert Rachel Spencer, currently serving at Union Hospital;

birth rally, terre haute, rachel spencer, 2018, indiana, hope barker photography, march for moms, lactation consultant

Katrina King, from Borrowed Hearts Region 8;

terre haute, indiana, 2018, birth rally, katrina king, march for moms, borrowed hearts, birth rally, hope barker photography, foster support

and no forgetting Tamara Black with Usborn Books.

educate, hope barker photography, indiana, tamara's usborne books and more, terre haute, 2018, march for moms, birth rally

It was especially pleasing to see our local news journalist join us to gather information.  The more moms we reach, the more we can empower each other. We have known for years that the healthier the mom as a person, the healthier they can be as a mother to her children.  Sometimes, in the heat of labor, this is forgotten.  That mom IS a person.  Not just a vessel for the coming baby, but she is actively a dual patient in the situation.


Thank you Tribune Star.

terre haute, hope barker photography, tribune star, indiana, rachael spencer, march of moms, samantha brinkerhoff, birth rally, 2018,

Thank you WTWO.

wtwo, terre haute, indiana, 2018, birth rally, march for moms, wtwo

Thank you WTHI.


And thank you local mothers who continue to rally together for the betterment of mothers, and ultimately for us all!

Josie Girl

Josie Girl is One Year Old!

Joselyn brings joy with her everywhere she goes. Even clapping with joy!

Josie Girl, one year old, birthday, Joselyn, clapping, joy, Hope Barker Photography, 2018

A loving heart like her mommy. You can see her kindness in the depths of her beautiful blue eyes.

birthday, Big Hearted, Joselyn, Hope Barker Photography, Josie Girl, one year old, Like Mommy, first birthday

An adventurous soul like her daddy. Tippy-Toeing her way into walking!

birthday, one year old, Joselyn, first birthday, adventurer, Josie Girl, Hope Barker Photography, tip toes, ready to go

Most importantly, a personality that is all her own!  Seeing her grow, from such a place of love, I just know that the future has wonderful things for her, in the years to come.

Hope Barker Photography, One of a kind, Joselyn, smash cake, Josie Girl, first birthday, one year old, birthday

I mean, how often are we told we can dive into the cake? She took a moment to warm up to it, she realized we really meant it, and then she enjoyed every bite. It was pleasing to see Joselyn enjoying her Smash Cake made by Sweet Temptations.

Her own personality, one year old, Josie Girl, Joselyn, Hope Barker Photography, birthday, first birthday


Kyler Is Almost Here!


Jessica is officially a mom of BOYS!  She is glowing with a peace that only an expectant mom can have and is excited to meet Kyler John, coming soon!

peaceful momma, expectant mom, Hope Barker Photography, Fairbanks Park, Terre Haute, Indiana, 2017, fall, mom of boys, mom in white, maternity photography

The lovely woman that I have watched grow and change over the years makes me so proud to know her.  She has become such a hardworking, understanding, and beautiful young lady.

beautiful mom, fall, Terre Haute, mom in white, Fairbanks Park, Maternity Portraiture, Indiana, 2017, lovely lady, Hope Barker Photography

It filled my heart with joy to see how she parents Damien. Her patience and efforts to teach him during his “Terrorist Threes” gave me confidence that she will handle her upcoming addition with grace.


Threenager, Hope Barker Photography, Terrorist threes, Indiana, 2017, Fairbanks Park, Terre Haute, fall, maternity portraits

Wishing many blessings for the future of Jessica, Damien, and Kyler!
“…She is clothed with strength & dignity; She can laugh at the days to come….” Proverbs 31

greet the future with laughter, fall, 2017, maternity photography, Hope Barker Photography, Indiana, Expectant mom, Fairbanks Park, momma to be, Terre Haute, clothed with strength and dignity


Young Man Damien

What a handsome young man Damien has become!

When it came time to do Damien’s pictures this year, I had to face the fact that he has become a young man!  I’ve known this little guy since he was a twinkle in his mommy’s eye.  I am so proud of the sweet and vicious little guy he has become.Mommy's little devil, Hope Barker Photography, Terre Haute, Fowler Park, Indiana, 2017, Damien,


The mark of a well-loved child is an overflow of happiness, and I’m so pleased to see the love between Damien and his mommy.

mommy kisses, Hope Barker Photography, 2017, Damien, Indiana, Terre Haute, Fowler Park

Life is full of choices, with many things to think about.  A little introspection is never a bad thing.

moment of introspection, Damien, Fowler Park, Terre Haute, Indiana, Hope Barker Photography, 2017, mommy and me

Likewise, it’s always good to take a moment to enjoy the flowers.

Blowing flowers, dandelions, Fowler Park, Terre Haute, Indiana, 2017, Hope Barker Photography, stop and smell the flowers

He’s ready to face the world full-throttle, watch out now!

full throttle, damien, terre haute, Hope Barker Photography, 2017, Indiana, Fowler Park, vivacious


Hello Jocelyn!

Welcome to the world precious little Jocelyn!  Everyone has been so happy to tell you “Hello”.

bright future, Baby girl, welcome jocelyn, indiana, 2017, Hope Barker Photography

We’re all so happy to have you join this world, and you couldn’t be blessed with two kinder, stronger, more sincere parents. May you grow in His image, guided by these two faithful parents who have prayed for you and who cherish every moment with you.

parenting together, 2017, loving foundation, working together, Hope Barker Photography, indiana, good start

Your daddy who will no doubt teach you the rewards of hard-work and the enjoyment found in the outdoors.


2017, indiana, Hope Barker Photography, proud daddy, daddy snuggles, moments with daddy

And I have no doubt that your lovely mother will show you how true beauty comes from within, how to have patience and a strong conviction.

moments with mommy, happy mommy, mommy snuggles, kind mommy, Hope Barker Photography, 2017, indiana

The future has endless possibilities and you couldn’t have a sunnier future!

You are my sunshine, indiana, don't let the rain dim your light, 2017,  Hope Barker Photography, Cassie's Crochet Creations, my only sunshine, you make me happyI mean, just look at your darling feet, they’re going to take you places!

Hope Barker Photography, indiana, Daddy's hands, 2017, baby feet, hard working, black and white

Baby Ballone, Coming April 2017

Baby Ballone is coming April, 2017!  Are you excited?  Well, these two are!  And these two deserve the blessing.  They are just those fantastic people that you hear about, and always hope to meet.


Ballone Maternity, SMWC, Maternity Photography, Caring Hands, Hardworking daddy, sweet mommy


compassionate, gentleness, caring, ballone baby, maternity pictures, smwc. terre haute, indiana


sweet, Kissing mommy and daddy, maternity photography, ballone maternity, smwc, terre haute, indiana

And humble

humble, terre haute, indiana, ballone baby, smwc, maternity photography

I’m so glad that I got to become friends with them, and am honored that they have chosen me to document their first born into their lives.  From their pre-consultation, through their maternity pictures at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, and now planning Baby Ballone’s soon-to-be custom home-based newborn photoshoot coming up very quickly, Tony and Elizabeth have been ideal clients.  Asking educated questions, being receptive of advice on how to maximize their photography experience, to acting as gracious hosts.  I couldn’t have asked for better clients!  It doesn’t hurt that Elizabeth bakes a mean peach cobbler, either!  (Food is my love language!)

caring, ballone baby, maternity photography, smwc, indiana, terre haute,

We can’t wait to meet you Baby!


Photography Project

For those interested in being part of the Moms Out Of Darkness Photography Project, I currently have one spot left!

terre haute, in, Moms out of darkness, 2017, maternal mood disorders, mental illness, post natal mental illness, awareness, photography project

Moms out of darkness, frequently asked questions, 2017, maternal mood disorders, mental illness, post natal mental illness, awareness, photography project

Please join us for a pleasant morning filled with support from our community.  For more information on how to be involved, please check out my previous post for more details.



Moms Out Of Darkness


Having a baby is “supposed” to be one of these great, light-filled experiences.  But that’s not always the case for many mothers.  Because some moms experience maternal and/or post-natal mental illness. Just like with other illnesses, these are NOT things that can be controlled, “fixed” with a “better mindset” or a healthier diet and/or exercise.  They are real, and if you know the signs, they CAN be visible.

And that is what I, and some fellow local photographers and mothers are trying to do: Bring awareness!  These are legitimate struggles, that are out of our control, that we need help supporting each other through.  They are NOT failures on behalf of the mothers.  They are OUR failure; failure for forgetting that we are a community and that we thrive or die by taking care of each other.

Some moms hide the darkness, not knowing that they are not alone.

Mothers out of darkness, terre haute, in, awareness, maternal mental illness, post natal mental illness, support, out of darness

I am honored to help some of them take a step in speaking out, so as to help each other leave the darkness behind.

River K describes it partially as “It was a war in my head of being in love and delighted with my new baby and feeling like I just wanted to lay in bed all day and cry.” (Be sure to keep following for her personalized blog with her full testimony and photo session.)

Some are made to feel this way through trauma of an awful experience, where as some have chemical and hormonal imbalances. While I am well experienced with the latter, in regards to my long-term depression and anxiety, it is not something that I would wish upon anyone for any length of time.

Ladies, we have a voice for a reason!  We only fail when we give up, and look at all that we have accomplished throughout the centuries! Because we are warriors!

Please join us in educating our community, in uplifting it with encouragement.  I have listed some links below, there are many ways to help.  Even the bare minimum, sharing about these events, is more than what is happening now.

Now, I can’t take credit for the saying, but “Spread love around like confetti!” and go hug those babies that fuel our Mama Bear energies!


Mama bear, moms out of darkness, walk out of darkness, out of darkness, positive energies, maternal mental illness, post natal mental illness

Please share, join, and encourage!  If you would like to join the photography project on the 29th, feel free to email me for my last spot.

Walk Out of the Darkness event link

Postpartum Terre Haute Support page link (invite anyone to like this page)

Postpartum Terre Haute Support group link (invite only mother’s or mother’s to be who may like to be involved in peer to peer support)


Jake is Growing Up

It’s no doubt that Jake is growing up, and he’s becoming such a kind young man!  I love being able to witness these wonderful children grow and become their own persons; while seeing their parents peek through in certain mannerisms, expressions, sayings, and how they treat others.  It encourages me to stay hopeful for our future!

Jake Carter Reading ISU library big boy

Just like his momma, he has a love for reading and a soft spot for his good buddies.

Kind heart, big buddy, ISU Library, Jake Carter, Weapons & Warfare, Biography, Big Boy, Love the Babies, Kind heart

A man of action and humor, just like his daddy.

Weapons & Warfare big boy Jake Carter ISU library

But always a unique and smart person to be loved by all.

ISU library unique person Jake CarterNo denying it, Jake is becoming a wonderful young man!

Kind heart, big buddy, ISU Library, Jake Carter, Weapons & Warfare, Biography, Big Boy, Love the Babies, Kind heart

Thank you ISU Cunningham Library for not only educating a wonderful lady but for allowing your alum and guests to experience a beautiful campus.

Biography ISU library Jake Carter big boy

Welcome to turning 5 years old young man!

Newborn Bentley Moore

Welcome Bentley Moore!

Zoe Gallagher, Zach Moore, Holli Bell, Bentley Moore, Terre Haute, Indiana, Newborn Photographer, Hope Barker Photography, 2017

Don’t get me wrong, I have to run a legitimate and profitable business, but I LOVE it when I’m able to give to hard-working people.  Which is part of the reason why I was so excited that a friend wanted to gift her cousin a Newborn session for their first baby.

I loved her thoughtfulness.  She just bragged and bragged on this family.  And in our society today, it’s so refreshing to hear people be happy for each other, to be proud of hard-work, and to give so unselfishly!

Then I got to meet Zoe, Zach, and Bentley.  Zach and Zoe were so good to each other; helping each other care for their new pride and joy, Bentley, respectful of each-other, showing kindness and grace. They worked like a team, one solid unit. And you could tell, that even at only a few days old, Bentley felt comforted and secure in being cared by them.

Zoe Gallagher, Zach Moore, Holli Bell, Bentley Moore, Terre Haute, Indiana, Newborn Photographer, Hope Barker Photography, 2017

Every new parent feels a touch of anxiety when their new, first especially, baby fusses.  But Zach and Zoe showed such a calmness that Bentley was just a star at every stage of his session.  He’d let me know that I was interrupting his agenda, but then he’d hear his daddy cooing to him, and he would just calm right into place.

Zoe Gallagher, Zach Moore, Holli Bell, Bentley Moore, Terre Haute, Indiana, Newborn Photographer, Hope Barker Photography, 2017

He never got anxious, upset, inconsolable or mad.  He just cool as could be, let us know when he needed his mommy for a belly-fill-up and then he’d snuggle right back into work!

Zoe Gallagher, Zach Moore, Holli Bell, Bentley Moore, Terre Haute, Indiana, Newborn Photographer, Hope Barker Photography, 2017

Sessions like these……..  They make me so thankful for clients who let me be there to capture these moments.  They give me faith and hope for our world.

Thank you

Zoe Gallagher, Zach Moore, Holli Bell, Bentley Moore, Terre Haute, Indiana, Newborn Photographer, Hope Barker Photography, 2017